Friday, March 28, 2014

Bomboard Overview

The Bomboard
Here's an interesting product, called the Bomboard.  Its claim to fame is a modular design that allows for disassembly and transportation.  The video below shows it fitting in the trunk of a small compact car. The heaviest piece is the engine module at 80lbs, but assembly supposedly takes less than 60 secs.  Once assembled, it's capable of 40mph and apparently quite nimble due to its low weight.  The Bomboard is expected to retail at $3495 but you have to get on a waiting list if you want one.

Although I wouldn't use one in an area where standard PWCs are available, the design does have possibilities, such as being taken to remote areas where a trailered PWC isn't practical.  From a purely design point of view though, there are a few issues I see, namely safety.  There is a lot of exposed metal in the steering stalk and the handlebars themselves are, well, handlebars.  Anyone who's ever taken a hard impact to the chest on a PWC is looking at those handlebars with horror.  Adding a little padding to the stalk would not add significant weight, and it's possible the final product will include such a small safety enhancement.  Then there is the question of the breakdown itself.  Toting around a hot engine full of fuel in the back of your trunk is unwise at best.

Like any design it isn't perfect, but it may well find a niche in the market.  I rather like the idea of taking one in the back of a Jeep up to remote mountain lake.