Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Greenline Hybrid Yachts

Seaway Yachts produces two lines of hybrid yachts, Greenline and OceanClass for vessels ranging in size from 33' to 88'.  The company attributes efficiency more from a "superdisplacement" hull design than any advantages provided by the diesel-electric drive system, but they have a conventional look and may appeal to those thinking the propulsion design is planet friendly.

Looking specifically at the Greenline 48.

The specifications are 49' LOA with a 15' beam, displacing 30,400lbs (dry) powered by twin diesel motors available in size between 110 and 380 HP.  Maximum diesel speed is 23kts (380HP) with a range of 900Nm (396 gallons of fuel).at 7 knots cruising speed. Electric propulsion power is from twin 14kW motors capable of 4kt cruising speed at a range of 20Nm.  It also comes with a 500W solar panel with 46kWh capacity at 60V.