Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Rivarama Super 44

This is the "Rivarama Super" from Italian manufacturer Riva.  This is one beautiful boat!

Powered by twin turbo-diesel engines developing 800HP each, the nearly 29,000lb (dry) boat has a top speed of 41kts (47mph).  Notice the center positioned steering station.
This rather isolates the pilot from the rest of the passengers, but with the Rivarama, that's the point.  This vessel is meant to be piloted by a crew of one with their own sleeping quarter behind the main passenger cabin, complete with bathroom.

The interior is as one might expect.

The cheapest one available is a 2003 model (43') in Greece for a touch under $500K.  A 2008 sells for close to a cool million.  As for the price of a brand new one?  As the old saying goes...if you have to ask...