Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lexus Amazing Sport Yacht Concept

Not only is this concept boat by Lexus stunning, it looks extremely seaworthy. This is no rendering either, the boat is on display this month at the Miami boat show. Simply named the Lexus Sport Yacht it is 42 ft long and powered by twin Lexus V-8s producing a total of 885hp, a modest output for such a large runabout.  With a top speed of only 49mph and an 8 passenger capacity it's not exactly a speedster nor a crowd hauler so the emphasis here is on luxury, and it shows. While it remains a concept, feedback on the design could prompt a retail version but honestly these things rarely hit the streets. What they do however is demonstrate marine design trends for the future, in this case a center helm, smooth lines with little or no rigging protrusions, and lots of curves.  I'm in!